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Zongo chilled ready meals delivery menu.


Ghanaian Chicken Stew.    £7.00

 Seasoned pieces of chicken cooked in a spicy tomato sauce. G GR  M 

Spicy Beef Stew.   £7.00

Spicy pieces of marinated  beef cooked in a tomato. G GR M

Ghanaian Spinach & Egusi Stew.  £7.00

A warm spinach spicy stew made with ginger, grounded melon seeds, tomatoes and hot peppers. VE  GR G M

Red Red Stew. £7.00

A slow cooked spicy black eye bean stew made with tomatoes and hot peppers.  VE  GR  G M


Jollof rice. £4.00

Warm spicy smoky tomato base rice.  VE   GR M G

Fried plantains  £3.00   VE  

Mixed salad  £2.00 VE

Coleslaw £2.00  D M E

Shito - hot pepper sauce £1.00  C F M F

Food allergies information: Our kitchen not Nut, Egg, Wheat, Celery, Fish free. 

Please inform us of any food allergies.



GF= Gluten free.

VE= Vegan.

M= Mustard 

N= Nuts.

V= Vegetarian. 

D= Dairy.

P= Peanut.


G= Gluten.

GR= Garlic.

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