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About Zongo

So who are or what is Zongo?

Well we are a new Ghanaian street food company, who believe that good food and a great service go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. Our homemade food follows traditional recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. We also like to fuse food styles together as well. Because of this we feel that our food is fresh, delicious and has an authentic taste. We trade at a selection of places, such as Brick Lane, Catford, Feast West Norwood, Crystal Palace Food Market, King Cross Fire Walk to name a few and hope to continue to spread the Ghanaian flavours to everyone.




Hi I’m Anthony aka Tony and I am one of the owners of Zongo. Currently I work for one of the world's largest package delivery company and one of the leading global providers of specialised transportation and logistics services. When we meet with our customers I apply the great customer service focus, that I have learnt from my job, to the business and make sure that our customers are the main priority. Marketing is what I like to do most it gives me the chance to meet our customers and promote our business too.

I like to travel, and I like to try different foods from other countries. Recently I returned from Ghana as I am of Ghanaian heritage, where I really learnt about traditional food and sampled the real essence and taste of Ghanaian street food. With what I learnt and sampled I added the Ghanaian influences into creating the Zongo menu.


Hi I’m Helen one of the owners of Zongo. I have been a Chef for over 20 years working in various restaurants, Directors dining rooms and for some of the largest contract catering companies in the UK. I always wanted to strive a bit more than just being a Head Chef or Chef Manager for someone, I wanted to run my own business and do things my way and serve the food in my own style.

Because of my West African heritage, I was keen on starting a Ghanaian food business and making traditional dishes with a twist. I have known Anthony for many years and we both were thinking of starting a Ghanaian food business, because we felt that it was a good market to explore and we wanted to offer something a bit different from what we found out there.

We did a small tasting menu and trial it out with a small crowd of friends and family. It worked  and we started catering for weddings and parties and recently outdoor events, like the Kings Cross Fire Walk, inter-mate music evenings and trading at the Crystal Palace Food Market.